Can herbs be used by men?

When the human population walks upon a planet with great levels of advancement in every sphere of scientific approaches, being stuck to the primitive, conventional or traditional methods in daily life sounds somewhat strange. Having reached the pinnacle of medical research, there is no space left for looking back to older times. With practically possible infusion of extracts of different herbs in a matter of 1gm or 2gm, it would be insanity if different herbs are used for specific purposes defying the current models of advanced medical research. Consequently, the herbs that were earlier used by the locals for curing their diseases have now been narrowed into a tablet, capsules or syrup.


Underdeveloped regions

Since, the arms of such advancement have not yet fully engulfed the entire human population, a portion of the same remains dependent upon the selfless nature for the treatment of their illnesses. Many primitive groups of men living in dense forests sustain with the use of traditional medicinal formulas. These include tribal people, dwellers of the under developed regions or the people that do not support the current medication.

The large canopied forests of evergreen trees or deciduous trees provide them with every essence of life – including food, shelter as thatch hutments and medicines. The indigenous people of Indian tribes, the primitives of Amazon River, or the folks of South East Asia acknowledge their dependency over the natural products for the fulfillment of their wants.

A doubtful example

One such example relates to the usage of Kratom, a medicinal herb from the clans of coffee, used for the treatment of chronic pains, mood swings and lack of body metabolism. Although its usage has been banned by many countries of the world on account of lack of any medical benefit as shown by the researches, Kratom has been widely used by the tribal people as well as the city dwellers who order it from legalized online portals like KratomEmporium.