How you can boost your memory power?

Our memory if we see clearly and perceive it without any biological technicality is composed of chambers. Each chambers has their own functioning’s. One chamber can be used for perceiving thing. This chamber would be connected to your senses. This includes your ear, eyes, nose etc. This will be input to your brain and other chamber will start to take the decision based on these. Each decision would be perceived based on the past encounters which is saved in the memory. The memory act as the most important part of the brain as it remember and help you take decision in life.


In students it has been seen that the course list of subjects is so wide they start to forget each and everything they are learning. They start to score less as a result of this and succumbs down to the pressure and weird situation of life. This also creates and adverse effect in their mind. In order to increase your child memory power you can use below given methods which has been adopted by many around the world.

  1. Make the study interesting for your child. If he likes singing, make a song of all the Mathematics formula for him so as he can remember and his mind can store it in his own way.
  2. Visual learning should be encouraged as our mind remembers this for long and you should also use this method of teaching for your kid.
  3. Use some natural method like almonds which helps in increasing the memory power of kids.
  4. Use chemical but not harmful drugs in the category of Nootropics. They can be bought form trunootropics sites like
  5. Don’t force but make him learn and he will easily adopt to the new method of learnings wherever possible.