Top Five Richest Celebrities of acting domain in 2017

Actors are the role model for 90% of the youth. They have to ability to make us laugh, smile, sometimes cry. Movies are the primary entertainment source in the present generation. Acting is the easiest way to become famous. When they become familiar, they get massive amounts in a short period. It is one of the reasons that most of the actors are on the list of richest celebrities.

How actors are becoming richest celebrities

They have numerous sources of income that make them richestcelebrities.

Here are few of them;

  1. Actors get a massive amount of money from acting.
  2. Advertisements and Endorsements are the second sources of income for them.
  3. Actors get a lot of money from attending private parties and celebrations.
  4. They get an enormous amount of money for opening ceremonies.

Top 4 richest Celebrities in 2017


Shah Rukh Khan has required no introduction because he is known as King of Bollywood Industry; he is the most demanded actor. He was born on 2 November 1965. He is not only a famous artist but also a producer, TV Presenter and owner of an IPL team. He has acted in almost 80 Hindi movies. He is the most famous artist all over the world with a huge number of fans. He is considered as the second richest as well as Highest paid actor of Bollywood because he demands 40 to 45 Crores for a single movie.

richest celebrities


Tom Cruise is a handsome, beautiful actor and filmmaker of Hollywood is the third richest actor. He has a Net Worth around 480 million Dollars.


Mel Colm-Cille Gerard Gibson AO is a famous personality. He was born on third January 1956. He is an American Filmmaker, actor, director, producer, and Screenwriter. As a director, he directed the historical epic Braveheart, and he received an Award of Best Director for it. He also got an Academy Award for Best Film. He has a Net worth of 425 million Dollars and fourth in the list of top five richest actors.


John Christopher is familiar with the stage name of Johnny Depp; He was born on 9 June 1963, is a famous actor, musician, and producer from America. He has a net worth about 400 million dollars, also known as Disney legend.

They are the richest set of celebrities.  You can get ahead and find more information here