Young Guns of the Business World: making it true

There was a time when making money was the only purpose to start a business but these young guns changed the concept of business and their innovations truly made a great difference in the lives of millions of people.

Entrepreneurship is the concept of the 21st century which gave birth to the new era of these smart entrepreneurs who transformed their innovations and ideas into reality and rest is the history.

celeb net worth

So let’s start with the list of some other entrepreneurs:

Ryan Graves is the name in the field of startups who founded Umber, a startup where connection of taxis and customers happens in the real world and his celebrity net worth is $ 1.5 billion.

Ben Silverman, the founder of the Punters and his net worth is again is billions i.e. $ 1.6 billion. An interesting fact about him is his age which is only 27, so he made t the list in his 20s and that is a great thing.

Robert pea is another name in the list who is the founder of Ubiquity Networks, a networking company. As per his net worth is $ 2.1 billion.

,Joe Gebbia, Brian Chesky and Nathan, the founder of Airbnb, are the names which has to be in the list and their celebrity net worth is $ 3.3 billion and all of them were in their 20s when they found this website which a respectable name in the field of startups.

This list is going to be longer and longer in coming years as they many entrepreneurs who are in the pipeline to come into this billionaire club who was the hub of the old business men in the recent times but the picture has been changed completely in present days.